Drone Video “Sublime Marseille – Opus 3 – Unreleased”

Our Sublime Marseille, Opus 3 video is now Live ! Ready for an aerial tour of Marseille in 90 shots? For this new year, we invite you to fly over Marseille by drone and discover no less than 14 of the city’s 16 arrondissements, as you’ve never seen them before. So fasten your seatbelts, crank […]

Svalbard, an island where polar bears outnumber people

Story & photos by Eric Hanscom Drone Zone – Facebook – Youtube – Dronestag The very name conjures images of a harsh climate, a land where Darwinism is alive and well, and applies to humans as well as plants and other animals. I live a fairly comfortable life in Carlsbad, California, a nice little beach community where […]

Discover our best sites for filming Marseille by drone

The best spots for filming in Marseille with a drone In a world where audiovisual reigns supreme, capturing beauty from every angle has become a never-ending quest. Today, we invite you to discover Marseille like never before: from the skies. As a seasoned professional in aerial cinema since 2011, we have repeatedly flown over the […]

Featured Drone Pilot of the Day : Relief Air from Grenoble, France

Dronestag is happy to welcome Relief Air on our new Worldwide Drone Directory ! Relief Air is based nearby the city of Grenoble in Rhone-Alpes, France, and have been flying drones since 2019. They work on a variety of projects involving aerial photography, video and 360° images. Get in touch with them through Dronestag  : https://www.dronestagr.am/drone-directory/drone-pilots/varces-allieres-et-risset/auvergne-rhone-alpes/france/relief-air/

Featured Drone Pilot of the Day : Macareux Productions from Rennes in Brittany, France

Dronestag is happy to welcome Macareux Productions on our new Worldwide Drone Directory ! Macareux Productions is based in the city of Rennes in Brittany, France, and have been flying drones since 2014 and is specializing in video, photography and 360VR for businesses. Get in touch with him through Dronestag  : https://www.dronestagr.am/drone-directory/drone-pilots/rennes-1/brittany/france/macareux-productions/

Factors that influence the prices of drone services in France

In the constantly evolving world of audiovisual production, the use of drones stands out like any major innovation. However, understanding the variables that determine their cost is essential to optimizing the budget for a filming project involving drone photography. The expertise of the pilot, the equipment used or the duration and complexity of the project […]

Tips for making captivating videos with a drone

Diving into the fascinating world of aerial video offers countless advantages. Not only does this open up a whole new world of creative perspectives, it also allows us to explore unprecedented visual techniques. Mastering flight and video capture with a drone is an invaluable skill that opens up a new artistic dimension. Learning how to […]

Introducing HOsiHO drone stock image bank

In the ever-changing world of aerial imagery, a reliable and varied source is essential. Let’s explore HOsiHO, a drone image bank renowned for the exceptional quality of its collections. You’ll discover its fascinating history, the diversity of the countries covered by its images and the sectors it touches. What’s more, we’ll give you invaluable advice […]

Legal and ethical issues surrounding drones

  In an age of rapidly advancing technology, drones are making their way into a variety of fields, from commerce to leisure to surveillance. They do, however, raise crucial questions about the legal and ethical implications of their use. Are current regulations enough? What are the ethical challenges posed by these flying machines? How can […]

The importance of drone pilots in the film and television industry

The art of drone piloting The influence of drones appears to be spreading rapidly across diverse industries. This article, considering the art of piloting these flying machines, will look in detail at their impact on the film and television industry. In addition, the impact of drones on the production of audiovisual content will be studied. […]