Drope footage Showreel 2023 from the HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network in France

Here is the Drone Footage Showreel 2023 showcasing the aerial work of all the french drone pilots members of the HOsiHO Drone Network !  As you could notice in this video clip, most of the drone operators of the network are also experienced in FPV drone shooting, often with 4K/6K cameras on the ground, or even […]

Unusual & eco-friendly experience: drone air baptism with the FPV goggles

We can now do a lot of things with drones and there is no doubt that there are many surprises left, such as new upcoming applications that we can’t even imagine today. Watch the video of drone air baptism with the immersion goggles: Dronestagram has long been focused on the “positive” drone usage, with particular interest to […]