We share here important news about drones

Introducing HOsiHO drone stock image bank

In the ever-changing world of aerial imagery, a reliable and varied source is essential. Let’s explore HOsiHO, a drone image bank renowned for the exceptional quality of its collections. You’ll discover its fascinating history, the diversity of the countries covered by its images and the sectors it touches. What’s more, we’ll give you invaluable advice […]

Legal and ethical issues surrounding drones

  In an age of rapidly advancing technology, drones are making their way into a variety of fields, from commerce to leisure to surveillance. They do, however, raise crucial questions about the legal and ethical implications of their use. Are current regulations enough? What are the ethical challenges posed by these flying machines? How can […]

HevenDrones Introduces H2D200 Series, a Hydrogen-Powered Drone Line, at Monaco Hydrogen Forum

An image of the H2D200 series drone. HevenDrones Unveils Hydrogen-Powered H2D200 Series, Redefining Drone Possibilities at Monaco Hydrogen Forum HevenDrones, a leading contributor to drone technology evolution through hydrogen fuel, has introduced the H2D200 Series at the Monaco Hydrogen Forum. This release signifies a notable step forward in HevenDrones’ efforts to influence the drone industry […]

Air taxi maker Lilium receives major EASA eVTOL development authorization

German electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) plane startup Lilium has obtained authorization from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) that will allow it far greater flexibility and range in developing its future battery-powered air taxi toward certification. Munich-based Lilium announced it had received the EASA’s Design Organization Approval for its continuing eVTOL activities, which it hopes to cap with certification of its air taxi […]

FLSUN S1 and T1: Enclosed High-Speed Delta 3D printers

This week, I was contacted by FLSUN on the occasion of the launch of two new 3D printer models. FLSUN S1 and T1 adopt a delta design and enclosed full metal frame structure. Besides the different build volumes, these two machines have many other significant differences, which is expected as the S1 costs two times […]

Israel Aerospace Industries signs two loitering munitions deals … – Shephard News

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has signed two separate agreements with two countries to deliver long-range loitering munitions under deals worth a combined value of US$145 million. The deal for unspecified systems to undisclosed users has followed contracts the company signed in June with three NATO countries worth several million dollars to supply Rotem loitering munitions […]

China Shows Off New Anti-Drone Gun – Newsweek

China has shown off its latest anti-drone gun, highlighting the increasing focus on countering the threats posed by drones both large and small in modern warfare. China’s hand-held innovation, which can track down and shoot small drones on the battlefield was showcased during the Aman Youyi-2023 joint drills with Southeast Asian countries in Zhanjiang, South […]