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Drone Discovery: Unveiling 7,000-Year-Old Cave Art

In a remarkable feat of modern Drone Technology meeting ancient history, archaeologists, using drone cameras, have unearthed prehistoric cave paintings, around 7,000 years old, in remote parts of Spain. Researchers from the University of Alicante have utilized drones, a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom, to navigate and explore inaccessible mountain shelters in Alicante, thus revealing Neolithic […]

Skydio Wins Nationwide BVLOS Waiver in Japan

Skydio has been granted a nationwide BVLOS waiver in Japan – a major win for their Skydio Dock and remote drone operations without human staff onsite. by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby Continue reading below, or listen: This week, autonomous flight leader Skydio announced that it has been granted an unprecedented, nationwide approval by […]

Jury trial risk for man flying Mini 2 near Dublin Airport

A 41-year-old father of two, accused of illegally flying a drone into a “critical area” of Dublin Airport, is now facing the prospect of a jury trial after the charges against him were upgraded by the court. Ainis Guzauskas was arrested in February and charged with knowingly causing a false alarm by flying a DJI […]

Kakhovka Catastrophe: Drones To The Rescue

The same drones that are used to drop grenades on Russian soldiers and vehicles are now delivering life-saving supplies to flood-ravaged Ukrainians, the country’s military has confirmed. Footage reveals drones dropping water to residents of Oleshky, cut off in their homes due to devastating floods. Authorities report over 42,000 people bearing the brunt of these […]

BT Group study says UK lags behind peers in drone readiness

Telecom company BT Group has released new research indicating the UK needs to take steps to catch up with other nations currently leaving it behind in terms of drone operation and service readiness – a somewhat counterintuitive finding given the nation’s innovative aerial efforts over the past couple of years. Businesses in the UK have been quite active both individually and collectively in forging […]

Inspired Flight unveils new ‘Made in US’ drone IF800 Tomcat

US drone maker Inspired Flight Technologies has unveiled a new medium-lift drone that can carry up to 3 kg of payload and yet fly for more than 40 minutes. According to the California-based company, its IF800 Tomcat drone will start shipping to customers before the end of the year. Inspired Flight says its upcoming product […]

Torvol introduces a new backpack line-up designed exclusively for drone enthusiasts

After being on the market for over five years, Torvol upgrades its popular Quad PITSTOP product line, including backpacks, cases, and organizers. Torvol PITSTOP range features a dedicated workspace for quick and effortless adjustments and modifications to quadcopters, allowing pilots to spend more time in the air. Torvol’s PITSTOP range includes the Quad PITSTOP Backpack […]

CNHL 4S 2000mAh & 6S 1500mAh: Long-range FPV LIPOs

For long-range FPV flights, you will need much higher capacity batteries than for freestyling and racing. Commonly, 5″ LR FPV drones run on 4S or 6S batteries. You must choose the right battery according to your motor’s KV ratings. For example, the CNHL 4S 2000mAh is an excellent option for 2000-3000KV, and the CNHL 6S […]

Best drones and flying cameras for dads

Looking to put a smile on your favorite guy’s face this Father’s Day? You’re in luck because great deals and discounts are available right now on some of the most impressive and easy-to-fly drones out there. Hours of airborne fun and mesmerizing photos, both are guaranteed! The latest and greatest DJI Mini 3 with DJI […]

Dublin Man’s DJI Drone Misstep

In Ireland, a man charged with the illegal operation of a DJI drone in Dublin Airport’s critical area now faces the prospect of a jury trial, according to court proceedings. Ainis Guzauskus, a 41-year-old father of two, had his original charge upgraded to intentionally disrupting the operation of an air navigation facility. In a Dublin […]