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From Military to Traffic, Weather, How 5G will Fuel the Future of Drone Innovation in India

5G technology would bring a revolution in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said at the 6th Edition of India Mobile Congress 2022 in New Delhi on Saturday. Experts have viewed the 5G technology revolutionising healthcare, education, agriculture, and disaster monitoring, even the growing drone industry. Beyond consumer applications, businesses and the public sector […]

NASA’s Dragonfly Helicopter Will be Exploring This Region of Titan

In June 2027, NASA will launch the long-awaited Dragonfly mission toward Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. By 2034, the 450 kg (990-lbs) nuclear-powered quadcopter will touch down at its target landing site (the Selk crater region) and begin searching Titan’s surface and atmosphere to learn more about this curious satellite. In particular, the mission will investigate […]

Best HD 4K cameras for FPV drones in 2022

Hobbyists buy drones for all kinds of reasons, but the most common is that they want to get involved with aerial videography. FPV drones come with built-in cameras that are optimized to provide live-video feed with the lowest latency. If you want to capture cinematic-like 4K footage you will need a second action camera installed […]

Lockheed Martin, Verizon Demonstrate Real-Time Drone ISR Over 5G Networks

Strategic partners Lockheed Martin and Verizon this year have demonstrated the capture and seamless, secure transmission and processing of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data in real-time over private and public next-generation wireless networks, showcasing Lockheed Martin’s efforts to develop 5G.MIL capabilities for the digital all-domain battlespace. The demonstrations in May and September have involved the use of […]

Drones at Montreal Marathon – DRONELIFE

Drones Help Identify Distressed Runner at Montreal Marathon by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby Drones operated by InDro Robotics as part of a medical research project at the Montréal Marathon were able to assist in locating a runner in distress near the end of the course. Continue reading below, or listen: Data is currently […]