Introducing the Dronestag Drone Pilots Directory

Immersing yourself in the world of drones may seem complex, but there are a number of essential tools to make the process easier. The Dronestag Drone Pilots Directory is a perfect example. For drone pilots and the community around them, it’s a valuable resource. Understanding how it works and what it’s designed to do gives […]

Svalbard, an island where polar bears outnumber people

Story & photos by Eric Hanscom Drone Zone – Facebook – Youtube – Dronestag The very name conjures images of a harsh climate, a land where Darwinism is alive and well, and applies to humans as well as plants and other animals. I live a fairly comfortable life in Carlsbad, California, a nice little beach community where […]

News from Sami Sarkis Photography

News from Sami Sarkis Photography Come and see our new Namibia Photography Gallery and buy a license from the website! We have thousands of amazing photos ready to sell. If you are looking for Fine Art Prints of our work, please visit our Fine Art America shop. There you can shop for artwork from Sami Sarkis […]