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Aloft opens up platform tools to third-party developers

If you don’t know who Aloft is, you’re either new to the drone world or maybe have some crazy unique drone use case. However, it has become the leading LAANC provider, as well as offering a plethora of other solutions for drone and fleet management. Today it announced an expansion of what it already provides. […]

Dedrone unveils DedroneTactical counter-UAV solution

Drone detection, identification, tracking, and mitigation tech specialist Dedrone this morning announced the launch of its agile DedroneTactical counter-UAV solution geared for security, military, and government users. Dedrone released DedroneTactical today, describing the most recent and enhanced addition to its range of counter-UAV tech as providing “end-to-end (anti-drone) kill chain capabilities for dynamic situations in a portable solution.” Even ahead of its […]

Drone flies 77 miles nonstop in Texas, live-streaming video

Infrastructure inspections are a routine task for businesses like Valmont Industries. But a recent mission from Valmont is making headlines because it saw the company flying a gas-electric hybrid drone nonstop for 77 miles! The drone flew for almost three hours, from Childress to Aspermont in Texas, inspecting vital infrastructure like power lines, railroads, bridges, […]

Zipline’s Ghana anniversary primes drone delivery expansion

Even as leading drone delivery company Zipline readies the operational launch of its new Platform 2 network for commercial clients in the US, the company is fêting the anniversary of its groundbreaking healthcare distribution work in Africa ­– an activity that has already benefitted millions of people, and which is now set to be extended and diversified with the backing of trans-Atlantic government […]

Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra 12K resin MSLA 3D printer

Elegoo, one of the most popular entry-level LCD resin 3D-printers manufacturers, announced their first 12K MSLA machine. Despite its small size and desktop form factor, the Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra has a 10.1-inch monochrome LCD screen with a resolution of 11520x5120px and a COB + refractive light source.  This promises incredibly precise and detailed 3D-printed […]

MIT-founded drone startup offers home delivery service in Norway

Drone logistics company Aviant has announced the launch of its home delivery service, Kyte. Drones will now deliver groceries, takeaway food, and non-prescription medicines to sparsely populated areas and vacation homes in Norway. In addition, Aviant has landed $1 million in funding from Innovation Norway to autonomously deliver vital prescription medicines directly from pharmacies to […]

Who Will Replace Billy Nolen Administrator FAA

Finally, some answer to the question of who will replace Billy Nolen at the FAA.  Reuters has reported that Deputy U.S. Transportation Secretary Polly Trottenberg is expected to be tapped as the next Acting Administrator for the FAA. Continue reading below, or listen: While no official announcement has been made, the news comes as the […]

Phase 1 Technology Drone Camera SORA-CAMR4

Phase 1 Technology New Drone Camera: SORA-CAMR4 by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby Advanced imaging solutions leader Phase 1 Technology Corp. has announced the launch of its SORA-CAMR4, an innovative camera designed specifically to meet the needs of the drone industry. The SORA-CAMR4 has the potential to transform major sectors including Mapping, Photogrammetry, and Infrastructure […]

Chilling Drama: FPV Drone’s Stunning Avalanche Capture

A Canadian FPV drone pilot recently serendipitously captured astonishing footage of an avalanche at a mountain on Vancouver Island. Detailing the remarkable event on his YouTube channel, Mactac revealed: “We were out with our long-range drones for a day of mountain flying in British Columbia on Vancouver Island, hoping to capture some cinematic footage. There […]

DJI’s Answer To Mini 3 Lens Condensation

Drone pilots operating in highly humid regions often encounter a well-known issue: condensation accumulating on the lens. Intriguingly, for DJI’s Mini 3 series, this lens fogging appears to transpire from within. Could the introduction of a heating element be the ingenious answer? DJI user forums frequently reveal interesting challenges when pilots fly drones in different […]