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Elroy Air unveils autonomous, heavy payload VTOL cargo drone

Autonomous heavy cargo drone manufacturer Elroy Air has introduced the full pre-production version of its Chaparral vertical takeoff and landing craft (VTOL), for which the company says it has already racked up 500 orders. San Francisco-based Elroy introduced its high-capacity, long-distance Chaparral cargo plane on Thursday, promising the end-to-end autonomous VTOL drone will revolutionize where and how […]


We received word that the DJI Inspire 2 will be officially discontinued as of February 2022. The DJI announcement was shared by various people on social media. Currently, the DJI Inspire 2 base model that sells for US$3,299 is listed as out of stock on the official DJI website. The higher-priced models that come with […]

Wing expands Oz activity, foresees huge drone delivery future

Google drone delivery unit Wing has added another major Australian client to its list, and calls its continued own expansion a harbinger of wider UAV-driven growth predicted to benefit the country’s retail industry. Wing announced the addition of the Roll’d Vietnamese food company to its stable of Australian businesses using its drone delivery service to get […]

Domino’s is reviving its pizza drone delivery plans

After making history with the world’s first pizza delivery by drone from a New Zealand store in 2016, Domino’s is once again exploring the viability of commercial drone delivery on the island country in Oceania. Domino’s has entered into a fresh agreement with its 2016 drone technology partner Flirtey (SkyDrop) to launch the second stage […]

Chevron is buying autonomous drones for oil field monitoring

US oil major Chevron has been benefiting from drone technology for many years. Among other things, the company is known to deploy drones for leak detection, internal equipment and asset inspection, earthworks mapping, project progress monitoring, and environmental applications. And now, the energy giant is looking to add more autonomous tools to its arsenal by […]

Multiple clients for Sunflower Lab’s security drone-dock system

San Carlos-based Sunflower Labs has announced a spate of new clients for its automated Beehive System security drone-and-dock, in deals ranging from Switzerland to the US South. Sunflower Labs says it has secured contracts with five international clients for deployment of its security drone Beehive System. The surveillance platform is made up of an autonomous light […]

Researchers at UC Berkeley Develop a Shapeshifting Drone

A shapeshifting drone can change the game in personal and commercial use. Researchers at UC Berkeley have created a drone that can shapeshift mid-air. The experimental drone is called Midair Reconfigurable Quadcopter. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft that can fly on its own. Nikola Tesla first mentioned […]

Rotary Blade Smart Commercial Drones Market Outlook By 2029

  New Jersey, United States,- This Rotary Blade Smart Commercial Drones Market research stud offers proper industry viewpoint, market size, growth, future trends and trading. All this are taken into consideration while preparing the market report with the forecast period from 2022 to 2029. This report contains a complete and generic market scenario along with the factors […]