Drone Video “Sublime Marseille – Opus 3 – Unreleased”

Our Sublime Marseille, Opus 3 video is now Live ! Ready for an aerial tour of Marseille in 90 shots? For this new year, we invite you to fly over Marseille by drone and discover no less than 14 of the city’s 16 arrondissements, as you’ve never seen them before. So fasten your seatbelts, crank […]

Discover our best sites for filming Marseille by drone

The best spots for filming in Marseille with a drone In a world where audiovisual reigns supreme, capturing beauty from every angle has become a never-ending quest. Today, we invite you to discover Marseille like never before: from the skies. As a seasoned professional in aerial cinema since 2011, we have repeatedly flown over the […]