Legal and ethical issues surrounding drones

  In an age of rapidly advancing technology, drones are making their way into a variety of fields, from commerce to leisure to surveillance. They do, however, raise crucial questions about the legal and ethical implications of their use. Are current regulations enough? What are the ethical challenges posed by these flying machines? How can […]

China Shows Off New Anti-Drone Gun – Newsweek

China has shown off its latest anti-drone gun, highlighting the increasing focus on countering the threats posed by drones both large and small in modern warfare. China’s hand-held innovation, which can track down and shoot small drones on the battlefield was showcased during the Aman Youyi-2023 joint drills with Southeast Asian countries in Zhanjiang, South […]

Why should a drone pilot be listed in drone directories?

Maximize your visibility Have you ever thought about the extraordinary potential that could be yours, if your activity as a drone pilot was just a little more visible to your target audience? This is where SEO on drone directories comes into play! The importance of visibility in drone piloting is unmatched. Let’s just note that […]