M Rasmussen

Michael B. Rasmussen is the winner of the 2nd Prize in the “Zeinberg landscape photo contest” with his beautiful landscape picture of: The Emerald Near Næstved Denmark.                                                                                                                                                                                         Michael had the chance to have his masterpiece printed in high quality by Zeinberg! Of course, we were very curious about the result and we wanted to know more about Michael and his favorite landscape picture. So we asked him few questions.

Tell us something about yourself:

I still consider myself an amateur photographer, even though I’ve been photographing for over 20 years. I’m married and have been for 16 years now. We have a small dog, who is always my companion on my photo expeditions. Having no children, gives me the time I need to spend on my hobby and my love of photography. I’ve always been a fan of nature, and that’s what inspires me most in my photography. I try to, as much as possible, to portray the world around me as it is. My love for drone photography started when I got my Phantom 3, which gave me a whole new perspective to the nature I so adore.

Why did you choose this specific landscape photography as your favorite?

This picture is my favorite, because it shows nature hibernating while still alive. This particular picture is also the very first picture taken on my very first photo expedition with my drone.
I guess you might say I got lucky 🙂

What type of drone and camera have you used to capture this picture?
I have used the DJI Phantom 3 professional.

Are you satisfied with the print quality and the result?
The print quality is beyond my expectations. It really brings the image to life.

Where did you hang up the photo?
The photo is right over the dining table in the living room. It’s the first thing we see when we walk in the living room.

Any particular anecdote you may wish to share with us?
I’m for an odd reason terrified of cows. Around the town I live in, are fields full of them.
So when I’m out photographing, I really can’t avoid passing them by or getting a bit too close.
So on several occasions, I’ve had to run off with my 30 pound camera bag, and my dog under my arm from the cows chasing us.

Would you recommend Zeinberg for landscape photos to other dronists?
Definitely. No doubt about it 🙂

A patch of pines in the middle of the forest
A patch of pines in the middle of the forest; 2nd Prize: The Emerald Near Næstved Denmark by Mbernholdt

Thank you VERY MUCH Michael.
The End.