7 News Australia’s Chief News Reporter, Chris Reason uses powerful drone footage (dronie) to show the extensive damage to a residential building after a Russian attack. This is next-level news reporting from Ukraine!

In a tweet, Chris Reason tells us that:

“Such heavy bombings in Kyiv over 48 hours, it is almost fortunate so many people have left the city. This drone shot shows why. #Kyiv #Ukraine️

Watch the powerful drone footage in the tweet below.

Drone footage documents war in Ukraine

Increasingly drone footage is making its way out of Ukraine and shows the world the extensive damage and possible war crimes that are being committed by the Russian invading army.

Three Finnish friends hand-delivered 140 DJI Mini drones to Ukraine recently to help spy on the Russian forces. Shortly after another 187 DJI Mini drones were shipped to the Ukrainian army by a group of Dutch volunteers to help document what is happening in the country.

As new drone…


Source: dronexl.co