The FPV fly-through phenomenon is starting to take on a life of its own. For example, graphic artist and iArt founder Alejandro Vigilante (@VigilanteArtist) recently posted an fpv-style animation on Twitter in which a Van Gogh painting seems to come to life. The style of the virtual camera movement is remarkable: you could swear you’re watching an FPV fly-through drone video.

Van Gogh Painting Comes To Life In Fpv-Style Animation

Interactive fpv-style art

Alejandro Vigilante is a painter, muralist, and designer of Argentine descent. He is considered the founder of the iArt movement, which collects the legacy of pop art, adds the language and symbolism of internet art, and creates a new virtual and interactive world based on his compositions. Vigilante works from Miami, New York, and Buenos Aires.

One of the digital mediums that Vigilante frequently uses is Twitter. There he published the animation below, with only ‘Van Gogh’ as ​​the description. Vigilante has clearly been inspired by the countless FPV fly-through drone videos…