Swedish police launched a search last weekend for a large-sized drone that was spotted over the largest nuclear power plant in the country. The unmanned aerial vehicle was sighted from a police helicopter but disappeared from view after some time. There were also reports of drones over other nuclear power plants last week. The incident has been linked to increased tensions between Russia and NATO.

Swedish Police Investigate Drone Over Nuclear Power Plant

Large size drone

The incident took place on Friday evening in Sweden. A guard spotted an unmanned aircraft over the Forsmark nuclear power plant in the municipality of Östhammar, about 150 km north of Stockholm. The plant dates from 1980 and consists of three reactors. The management is in the hands of Vattenfall. According to the guard, it was a “large-sized drone”, powerful enough to “withstand the high winds in the area”.

A police helicopter quickly arrived at the scene and made its first sighting of the drone around 9 a.m. The unmanned aircraft circled around the nuclear power…


Source: dronexl.co