drone flying over nuclear

By robin-root, CC BY-SA 2.0, 

International news site Reuters reports that Swedish police are hunting for an unmanned vehicle seen flying over the Forsmark Power station this weekend.  A large and weather-resistant drone flying over the nuclear power plant in Sweden, as political tensions between NATO and Russia rise, has raised security concerns around the globe and caused Swedish police to launch a full investigation.

Reports have described the drone, which does not seem to have dropped anything into the area, as large and able to withstand the strong winds that surrounded the area this weekend.  Unconfirmed reports of an additional drone flying over nuclear power plants in other areas of the country have added to concerns that Sweden’s electrical infrastructure may be under threat.  Forsmark is Sweden’s largest electricity producer.

The sightings highlight the need for governments and owners of sensitive areas to implement counter UAS technology as soon as…


Source: dronelife.com