Orange County drones on missions against mosquitoes

The buzz being heard over California’s Orange County these days is not necessarily coming from new generations of mosquitoes that are often a problem this time of year, but rather drones flying missions to decrease their numbers.

Orange Country drones flying missions to keep mosquito larvae from taking wing

For the second straight year now, officials with Orange County’s Mosquito and Vector Control District have loaded their drones with insecticide payloads for missions to exterminate mosquitoes while in their larval state. Their major zone of activity is the Harriett Wieder Regional Park in Huntington Beach, which is located amid large areas of wetlands that provide ideal reproduction conditions for the pests. The main purpose of the aerial assault is to reduce the risk of diseases spread by mosquitoes – particularly West Nile virus, which has become an increasing concern in Southern California in recent years.

The craft are loaded with up to 20 lbs. of…