Iris, Becker to develop detection and avoidance for planes, UAV

Leading US drone safety technology company Iris Automation and 65-year old German aviation supply firm Becker Avionics are teaming up to develop new detection and avoidance solutions that allow piloted aircraft and uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) to identify potential collision risks and steer clear of them.

Partnership to develop enhanced detection and avoidance for piloted craft and UAVs

The pair say they’re fusing their respective talents into new technology that enhances situational awareness and ensures the safety of all aerial vehicles using it. Their plan is to harness the power of computer vision and machine learning in a product that will be able to detect nearing aircraft beyond the pilot’s range of sight; establish the degree of risk involved; and issue audio warnings and provide optimal avoidance measures to be taken. 

That effort will match Iris Automation’s Casia spot-and-circumvent assets with Becker Avionics’ advanced communication and…