DJI crop spraying dronesDJI crop spraying drones Agras T30 and T10 are now available internationally.

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian Crosby

DJI, the industry leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, is making its Agras T30 and T10 agriculture drones available in over 100 additional countries. The Agras T30 and T10, developed in partnership with farmers, make aerial precision agriculture more accessible and convenient.

DJI’s new flagship for digital agriculture, the Agras T30, features a 30-liter spray tank and a spreading system payload capacity of up to 40kg. With 16 nozzles and a spray range of 9 meters, the T30 improves the efficiency of aerial spraying and can cover up to 40 acres in one hour. It also features a fuselage made of carbon fiber composite materials with a one-key locking arm design, which helps reduce volume by 80% after folding.

The Agras T10 is compact but powerful, featuring an 8-liter spray tank and spray width of up to 5 meters, able to cover up to 15 acres an…