Joby joins drone-sector, SPAC-led push on Wall Street

Several lifetimes of change have occurred in life and business since the explosion of dotcom stock flotations (and, for many, subsequent busts) of the late 1990s. Among those differences is how futuristic advanced air mobility (AAM) drone sector companies that inspire so much market excitement today are raising finances faster and easier on Wall Street than their Silicon Valley elders – and in ways tech vets may regard with a mix of envy and wariness.

Swiftly scaling drone sector companies look to Wall Street – and SPACs – to fuel approaching AAM revolution

The most recent example of that contrast between past and present in fundraising terms is the swiftly developing air taxi company, Joby. Last Wednesday, the Santa Cruz-based manufacturer and future operator of AAM services successfully carried out its stock market introduction, then sat back and watched its share price appreciate over 20% – all before the firm has transported its first passenger. That…