TUSAYAN, Ariz. – On July 4, the community of Tusayan came together to deliver a larger-than-life celebration for locals and visitors alike, as the town also became the first in northern Arizona to host a drone light show in lieu of fireworks.

The day’s events, which included children’s activities, a parade, live music and more, were organized by the Tusayan Town Council and the South Rim Grand Canyon Chamber and Visitor’s Bureau.

After a difficult year because of the coronavirus pandemic, the town stated that it wanted organize a unique event to bring a sense of normalcy and relief to the community and its visitors.

The parade boasted numerous entries, including a gigantic model of the coronavirus, which was pelted with water balloons, which had been distributed among the crowd by members of the community prior to the event.

Beyond the balloons, water played a significant role in the day’s events, as children and the…


Source: www.williamsnews.com