What U.S. Infrastructur Bill Means for Drone Industry

U.S. infrastructure billNews and Commentary.  The U.S. infrastructure bill could have a profound positive impact on the drone industry.

U.S. infrastructure was rated a “C-minus” by the American Society for Civil Engineers, who says that failing infrastructure costs every American thousands of dollars a year: while U.S. infrastructure overall ranks second in the world, the country falls to the 13th place in transportation infrastructure. The $715 billion bill, recently passed by the House of Representatives, outlines a path forward for funding major restoration of the U.S. infrastructure; and prioritizes clean water and new transportation infrastructure.

By any measure, updating and renewing the vast systems of roads, bridges, railways, water treatment facilities, and more will be an enormous effort – one that take generations to complete.  How will America begin the work – and maintain it afterwards?

In a recent article published on ZDNet, author Greg Nichols answers:  “Enter drones. To…