Popping ‘The Question’ is one of those big moments in life. What will your planned partner say? Hopefully, yes, obviously. But how can you document the moment? This guy chose a drone.

We’ve actually seen this done before, and colleague Bruce Crumley wrote about one such event just a couple of days ago. The concept? The person about to propose puts up a drone in an automated pattern – usually an orbit or a loop, something that will keep the subjects at the center of the action. Then they generally put down the controller, pull out a ring, and pop the question.

Let’s check it out.


This one comes to us from the subreddit r/DJI and involves an Air 2S. The pilot (and hopeful husband) goes by HigherPerspectiveAI and posted the same clip to r/drones. The title of the post? “My favorite drone video so far! Getting engaged to the love of my life.”

So we kind of knew what we were going to see. What we didn’t know was how things would turn out.

Love on the…


Source: dronedj.com