We’re constantly finding and featuring new U.S.-based drone manufacturers.  While this list is by no means comprehensive, we will keep updating as new companies grow in the U.S. market.  Part I of this list was originally published in April, 2021, as 5 Commercial Drones Made in the U.S.  Please see our original article for more detail on those 5 commercial drone providers.

U.S.-based drone producers find their niche in the commercial market

By Jim Magill

Part 1: Vantage Robotics, Parrot ANAFI, Skydio 2, RangePro X8P, and Autel EVO II

Part 2: Censys, Inspired Flight, Skyfish, and Hitec Commercial Solutions

Vantage Robotics Vesper

When Silicon Valley-based Vantage Robotics, founded in 2013, introduced the Snap, the first drone to receive an FAA waiver for flight over people, the company had its eye on the prosumer market. But with the introduction of Vesper, Vantage has shifted its focus strictly to attract military, first responder and commercial drone users.

In 2018, in…


Source: dronelife.com