Sony Patents Drones for Noise Cancellation

drones for noise cancellationNoise is something that most drone manufacturers try to minimize: but a new USPTO patent application from Sony proposes using drones for noise cancellation.  Founders Legal has reviewed the patent, which would use networked drones carrying audio equipment to create quiet spaces.

From the patent:
“In certain situations of open areas (for example, restaurants, party places, parks, etc), it may be difficult to get the soundproof fixed infrastructure instantly to initiate a verbal communication (such as telephonic call, a conversation with nearby person). Further, the verbal communication or sound reproduction performed in the open areas may create a disturbance or nuisance for neighboring people. Thus, an advanced and intelligent system may be required which may provide a soundproofing solution on a real-time basis.”

“This invention seeks to enable a means of having a virtual noise cancellation barrier through a networked system of drones,” write John DeStefano, Founders…