Public officials around the globe are discovering the effectiveness of drones in battling a scourge that every country – and indeed the entire planet – needs to turn back: the relentlessly rising tide of litter.

AI-enhanced drones cleaning up our act

Authorities in southern England, Dubai, Rotterdam, Baltimore, San Francisco, and beyond have turned to drones in their efforts to make identification and collection of trash faster and more efficient. Some administrations are relying principally on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) capacities to lead the cleanup push. Others have deployed a waste gobbling marine drone.

Denmark is getting the best in the waters and sky at once.

Mavic Pro 2 protecting SF ground waterways

A major challenge for many officials fighting invading tons of litter is to find and collect trash before it’s swept by groundwater into the ocean. 

Managers of the San Francisco Estuary Initiative, (SFEI) for…