The Air 2S is available now. It’s $999 for the solo drone, and $1,299 (US) for the Fly More combo.

Whew. Finally, the finish line. It’s always an exciting – and very busy time – heading into a product launch. It’s busy for the folks at DJI, getting everything manufactured and out the door to distributors and retailers in time for the official launch. And it’s a busy time for us, working with loaner products to test as many features as we can in the limited window between when we receive the product and its official launch date. (You can read our full review and see your YouTube video here.)

We’ve had our say. Now it’s DJI’s turn.

News release

The moment an item officially drops, DJI sends out news releases in multiple languages to mailing lists around the world. Some go to newsrooms, some go to customers who are subscribed to those lists.

Regardless, not everyone sees these releases in full. And these releases give the company an opportunity to have its…