Turkish F-16 Knocks Down Target Drone With New Indigenous Air-To-Air Missile

President Recep Erdoğan announced the successful missile test on Twitter yesterday, sharing a video and noting that Turkey had now joined a select group of countries that have successfully developed air-to-air missile technology.

The Bozdoğan, which is broadly similar in appearance to the latest AIM-9X Sidewinder, features a high-resolution dual-color imaging infrared (IIR) seeker. Like other missiles in its class, it offers a high off-boresight capability, thrust-vectoring controls, and its seeker has a high degree of discrimination to defeat flares and other countermeasures systems, according to the manufacturer.

The heat-seeking missile is just under 11 feet long, weighs around 300 pounds, and can reportedly hit targets as far away as 15 miles. No datalink is fitted but it has been suggested it could be added in the future, which would provide for lock-on after launch, or LOAL, capability. This is a capability that is critical for stealthy aircraft that carry…