DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo vs Standard box

Today, DJI has officially revealed the Air 2S, a new mid-range drone with top-notch features. As you could read in our DJI Air 2S vs Mavic Air 2 comparison guide, this new model has been upgraded in all aspects compared to its predecessor.

Like all previous Mavic drones, the AIR 2S is also available in Standard and Combo package options. While the Fly More Combo box is marketed for $1299, the Basic box with the bare minimum accessories for $999. Let’s find out what extra you get for the extra 300 bucks.

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With two extra flight batteries and lots more spare propellers the Combo pack fits for those are plan to fly regularity with the Air 2S. In order to allow convenient charging, DJI includes a charging hub that can charge all 3 batteries (in a sequence). Storing and transporting your drone with all the essential accessories can be done conveniently with the included stylish storage bag.

The ND filters are also welcomed in the…