Wing CTO Adam Woodworth: “The World is Ready.”

Wing CTO Adam WoodworthWing CTO Adam Woodworth is one of the most influential aviation experts in the drone industry today – but very few people would recognize him.  In a rare public appearance at this year’s SxSW conference, Woodworth talks about developing an aircraft that will allow millions of people to experience drone delivery in their daily lives.

Wing has offered the world it’s first look at drone delivery for everyday people: delivering drugstore items, cupcakes, library books, coffee and more to suburban homes.  They’ve opened their ground-breaking drone delivery programs in the U.S. and Australia to small local businesses in addition to retail giants.  Wing drone delivery has benefited the communities that they work in and the drone industry, as they demonstrate safe solutions and customer demand.

Disruption and Drone Delivery

Wing CTO Adam Woodworth has been instrumental in developing Wing’s aircraft, and in delivering on the vision of drones as part of the supply chain in…