Iris Automation is working with Aerial Production Services (APS) to help jump-start FAA-approved pipeline inspections. The two are helping a client switch from satellite and plane images for inspections to high-quality drone images.

As a result of switching over to a drone-only inspection system, the client has improved its inspection frequency by 350% and dramatically reduced associated costs.

To make these pipeline inspection flights possible, a waiver from the FAA was required as it involved flying beyond the pilot’s line of sight. Iris Automation was able to help get the waiver and managed to cut down the wait time by around six months.

Dave Sotiros, CEO of Aerial Production Services (APS), shared:

“While we had the foundational knowledge of how to obtain the BVLOS waiver, we lacked the expertise to properly convey our operation to the FAA. With Iris Automation’s support and knowledge of BVLOS, they took the time to understand our goals and helped us identify…