Israel’s skies are filled with delivery drones in a huge trial

Israel’s skies are now filled with delivery drones making 300 flights per day as a part of a larger drone integration trial. The trial aims to see how drones from different manufacturers can communicate with one another for safe flights.

The Israel Urban Air Mobility Initiative is running the trial under the Israel Innovation Authority. Ayalon Highways, a state-owned highway builder in the country, created the Transportation Ministry, Civil Aviation Authority, and the Alternative Fuels Administration and Smart Mobility Initiative.

At any one time, there will be 20 drones in the air flying no higher than 400 feet above the ground, with a required spacing of at least 200 feet between each other.

The first phase of the trials will see each drone provider fly in a small designated area to ensure the drones work fine independently. All the drones from all the companies will then join forces and fly in one area together. During this phase, it is expected that the drones will…