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How To Buy a Camera Drone in 2016 is a new infographic that helps first-time camera drone buyers make a smart buy.

camera-drone-buyers-guide-2016-1200x7628.jpeg.pagespeed.ce.tal-oH7BPR There are dozens of camera drones for sale today, in many price ranges and configurations. That’s because camera drones are being used for lots of different jobs today and are getting more sophisticated with every release. But more choices means selecting the right flying camera for your needs is getting harder.
If you’re a budding filmmaker or photographer who wants to produce high-quality aerial video or photos with a minimum of fuss, then read this guide to buying a ready-to-fly camera drone, by Andrew Nixon, BestDroneForTheJob.com.
It illustrates the 8 most important features to consider when shopping for a ready-to-fly drone with camera, and compares the leading camera drones.

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