Francesco Pergolizzi (on the right side) is the winner of the “Zeinberg landscape photo contest” with his beautiful landscape picture of: Fiume sesia, Vercelli, Italia.

His masterpiece was printed in high quality by Zeinberg! We wanted to know more about Francesco  and  his favorite landscape picture and of course THE RESULT! Dronestagram interviewed Francesco with few questions.

Tell us something about yourself:
My name is Francesco Pergolizzi, I’m twenty-three years old and I grew up in Milazzo, Sicily. I’m fascinated by the aerial photography because it gives to photos another perspective, completely different from the one used before by photographers. The world of dronography is growing fast and I would like to be part of it.

Why did you choose this specific landscape photography as your favorite?
The photo has been chosen for the sensation of warmth and tranquility it conveys: the crystal-clear sky, full of the sunset colours, lightening up the river coasts and the bridge across it.

What type of drone and camera have you used to capture this picture?
For this shot I have used a DJI INSPIRE 1 drone with integrated camera Zemuse x 3 Gimbal and post production on photoshop.

Are you satisfied with the print quality and the result?
Perfect printing, nice colors and great resolution. I’m proud and satisfied, it’s a wonderful prize.

Where did you hang up the photo?
I hung up  the photo in my living room.

Any particular anecdote you may wish to share with us?
Only the particular sensation that I felt that day seeing such a wonderful sunset.

Would you recommend Zeinberg for landscape photos to other dronists?
I would recommend Zeinberg especially for its seriousness.

Vista aerea fiume Sesia al tramonto, 1st Prize: Fiume sesia,Vercelli,Italia by fpdeonevision

Thank you VERY MUCH Francesco.
The End.