OK Go, the Chicago born Indie-Rock is known for its creative videos that often feature single takes and innovative camera techniques…

Inspiration has not limit for them! This time they will blow your mind with their new video filmed with a drone: “I won’t let you down”.

The camera moves from ground level to birds-eye-view thanks to the camera-equipped drone and the band perform the whole video riding onself-balancing unicycles with an army of dancers clutching umbrellas of different colors.

That’s brilliant executed and a joy to watch: a real masterpiece!


The entire video was done in one continuous shoot, the shot features over 1500 volunteers riding the Honda scooter chairs and it took 50 or 60 tries to get the final version. To capture all those Japanese schoolgirls flashing colored umbrellas in the shapes of lyrics and OK Go members’ faces in perfect synchronicity, Harano (Japanese Director) used a specialized drone camera controlled both by GPS and by hand from an altitude of nearly half a mile.