Hi there!

“Let’s build a world map of our Earth with a bird’s eye view.” Sounds familiar?
Thanks to the amazing aerial shots of your community, our dream is about to come true!

But photos with a bird’s eye view can also come from other technologies or sports ! That’s why we have decided to open new sections on Dronestagram !

screenshot others

You can therefore publish photos and videos if you practice a hobby as basejump, parachuting, gliding, microlight, hang gliding, kite (some practitioners install a GoPro on their sailing), the balloon or aircraft tourism.
And generally anything that flies between 50 and 300 meters above the ground and is equipped with an HD camera to make beautiful and spectacular photos of our eart with a bird’s eye view!

The section”others” is waiting for you!




You are a passenger on a plane and you fly over a beautiful place? Shoot it and publish the
image in the section “by plane”!
But we will be very vigilant on this point: photos must be taken at a low altitude and do not show reflections or the edges of the cabin or the window. Beware torticollis 😉


This possibility coincides with the future release of the iPhone application that will allow you to post photos on the site directly from your mobile. The Android app should follow in 2015.

Why this change? Because we believe it is a shame to deprive us from many and varied sources of images, which could help fill our database with stunning aerial images.

More than never, together: “Let’s build a world map of our Earth with a bird’s eye view!”