From the small town of Brookfield, Ohio, a team of high school seniors made a mark on the national stage. “It’s something far beyond what our school has done before,” stated proud drone team member Sam Plyler, “I was proud to be there.”

The Fuel drone team showed their mettle

The Fuel drone team showed their mettle, securing fifth place in all categories except Video Presentation, where they ranked fourth. Their coach, Tim Reinsel, a science teacher at Brookfield, was reportedly impressed by their performance, especially considering the program is barely a year-and-a-half old. “I already have students looking to join the team next year,” he revealed.

Brookfield’s drone team operates outside the high school’s regular drone course, which aims to equip students with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification. Interestingly, the team members aren’t certified as the competition drones are lightweight and don’t require regulatory approval.