DroneUp, a Walmart-partnered startup, is laying off workers despite the race to dominate the drone delivery market. This move was confirmed on Monday by two individuals who were let go and asked to remain anonymous.

Established in 2016, DroneUp has a fleet of quadcopter-style drones, built to handle the last-mile delivery, transporting items like clothes, medication, and food from the warehouse to your front door.

This layoff is part of a tech industry trend and DroneUp’s shift towards focusing on its delivery hubs across the U.S. The company is pulling back from enterprise services such as construction and real estate monitoring, aerial data collection, and marketing, according to the ex-staffers.

Confirming the layoffs and strategy shift, DroneUp stated that only “a small percentage of the team,” now 418-strong, were affected.

“After tremendous consumer adoption of our drone delivery services, we have made the decision to shift our business model to align…


Source: dronexl.co