Zipline in Utah Zipline medical Zipline in Nigeria Covid-19 vaccines by drone, Zipline in RwandaZipline Forms New Partnership with Rwandan Government to Serve Entire Country

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Today, instant logistics and deliveries leader Zipline announced a new partnership with the Government of Rwanda to conduct roughly 2 million instant deliveries and fly over 200 million autonomous kilometers in Rwanda by 2029.

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The new partnership will see Rwanda triple its delivery volume through the addition of new delivery sites nationwide, while also opening Zipline’s service to any agency within the government. This will enable Rwanda to provide innovative and environmentally friendly logistics and delivery, as well as make it the first country in the world to be able to make autonomous instant deliveries to its entire population.

“With this new agreement, we will be incorporating Zipline into many aspects of our national operations from providing a reliable healthcare supply chain, to addressing…