power washing droneLucid C1 Drone Recognized as Best Power Washing Drone of 2022

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Industrial drone leader Lucid Drone Technologies has announced that its Lucid C1 spraying drone has been recognized as the Best Power Washing Drone of 2022 at The Droning Company’s annual Droning Awards, which recognizes the year’s most impressive drone innovations.

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The nominees were chosen by members of The Droning Company, with a panel of drone experts, pilots and enthusiasts voting for the winners across several categories.

Designed to soft wash buildings and windows, the Lucid C1 spraying drone provides a safer and smarter solution to modern exterior washing problems. The model features a multi-directional nozzle, collision prevention and urban flight capabilities to keep the user safe, while maintaining enough power to easily wash buildings or windows. This technology can easily be integrated into any existing system,…


Source: dronelife.com