Today, DJI officially announced that seven of its most popular DJI drones are approved for the FAA’s Remote ID for Drones.

The largest drone manufacturer in the world is pleased to report that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given its clearance for its Remote Identification protocol compliance.

The FAA has authorized the Declarations of Compliance for seven of DJI’s newest and most well-liked drone models, including what is officially known as America’s “RID000000001” for the DJI Mini 3 Pro, as DroneXL was able to disclose last week.

7 Dji Drones Are Approved For Faa'S Remote Id For Drones

“DJI always complies with the laws and regulations of the Countries where we operate, and is ready to comply with the FAA’s Remote ID mandate as well,” the drone manufacturer states. “DJI customers can fly with confidence that they can comply with the FAA rule.”

Remote ID ready DJI drones

The following seven DJI drones have been approved for Remote ID and are listed on the FAA website:

  • Mini 3…