By Paolo Valpolini

On August 30th Saab organised a demonstration of its recently unveiled MSHORAD (Medium Short Range Air Defence) system at the Karlskoga firing range. Fifteen delegations from all continents took part in the event, that saw live firings of five RBS 70 NG missiles against different targets and in various tactical situations.

This event was anticipated by EDR On-Line in a previous article written after the Ground Combat Demonstration 2022 that took place in early May, in which the MSHORAD system was extensively depicted. In that event the Mobile Firing Unit (MFU) was on display, and EDR On-Line was fully briefed on that vehicle-mounted system. We will therefore focus this article mostly on the add-on information provided on the Mobile Radar Unit (MRU) and on trials.

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A well as the MFU, the MRU is based on the same mobility platform coming from the Czech Republic: manufactured by SVOS, the MARS 4×4 S-330 is a 12.5-14 tonnes…