This photo, taken by a Chinese drone of Taiwanese troops on Kinmen, is real, reports the Taiwan News. The army says a civilian Chinese drone took an aerial image of troops stationed to monitor PLA aircraft with a telephoto lens.

The Taiwanese military confirmed on Wednesday (August 24) that a photograph that has been circulating on Chinese social media of Taiwanese soldiers gazing up at a Chinese drone is real, but that it was actually taken at a greater distance than it appears to have been, and that it did not enter Taiwan’s airspace.

Recently, a picture of two Taiwanese sentries apparently peering up at a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) drone from what looks to be an incredibly close distance has appeared on social media.

The Lieyu Garrison Battalion noticed what the Kinmen Defense Command referred to as a “civilian drone” flying above at around 6 p.m. on August 16, it was revealed in a statement released on Tuesday (Aug. 23) by the Kinmen Defense Command.