When it comes to the consumer drone market, nothing can get more bang for the buck than DJI products. But, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has made it clear that commercial technology can have clear military applications too. Both Russia and Ukraine are widely using DJI drones, primarily for reconnaissance purposes. This has prompted the world’s largest drone manufacturer to reiterate its stance that DJI deplores any use of its products to cause harm.

DJI statement on military use of its drones

Here’s the full statement from DJI:

More than 15 years ago, DJI was founded to explore the astonishing new possibilities of drone technology. From our first attempts at building tiny helicopters to our latest cutting-edge drones for professionals, we have been driven not just by the technical challenge of robotic innovation, but by how this new technology can help people. And with every improvement and advance, our drones have helped make the world better.



Source: dronedj.com