A town official (illegally) shoots an annoying drone with his gun

A municipal commissioner in a small Tennessee town is facing multiple charges for grabbing a gun and shooting a drone above his property that annoyed him. Then he refused to give the blasted vehicle back to its owner. Is that nice?

Tennessee town commissioner has had enough of drones and won’t take ’em anymore

Calhoun, Tennessee town commissioner John Walker was arrested by local police earlier this month after a complaint about his behavior. That call came from an unhappy pilot. An affidavit reported by local media states Walker “started shooting a long gun at a drone flying in the sky” from the grounds of his car towing, repair, and decay dealership (see photo). Either Walker was an iffy marksman, or drone owner Charles Dover was initially successful in dodging the salvoes, because it took several blasts from the gun before buckshot met battery. The drone apparently crashed in the car lot, where Walker confiscated it and refused Dover’s demands that…