NDAA-compliant PRISM Sky drone hopes to woo US government agencies

Baltimore-based drone manufacturer Watts Innovations has announced the launch of PRISM Sky – a heavy lift, LTE-enabled drone for industrial applications. Powered by Auterion’s open-source ecosystem, the PRISM Sky drone is NDAA-compliant, making it ideal for operators who require products that are manufactured in the US, free of data privacy concerns.

What is NDAA compliance and why does it matter?

NDAA, or National Defense Authorization Act, defines what the US Department of Defense can buy. And in view of growing concern around cybersecurity, other government agencies are known to use NDAA provisions for implicit guidance.

It’s worth noting that just because a drone is manufactured in the US doesn’t automatically make it NDAA compliant. For example, a flight controller manufactured in the US but with designs owned by entities in China or Russia will not be considered NDAA-compliant. If you want to learn more about NDAA compliance, we recommend this…