France battles illegal drone flights in beloved national parks

The enduring pandemic hasn’t managed to undermine France’s passion for going on vacation whenever the opportunity arises, though it has forced most travelers to choose domestic destinations over foreign options. That has translated into a recent surge in visits to France’s nature reserves and national parks, and a corresponding increase in the number of drones overhead that now constitute a real problem.

Anti-drone arsenal at France’s national parks include $1,790 fine

France loves its natural spaces, and has a huge number of sites officially listed within that category to prove it. Also reflective of that adoration of quiet, pristine natural settings is the virtually total ban on drones in France’s national parks, particularly the central portions known as the “hearts.” Nearly 1% of the entire country is located within those super-protected zones, but that hasn’t stopped a rising number of uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) from appearing within them…