Forget rain: baseball’s newest bane is drone game delays

Professional baseball has gone to some extreme, and some argue self-destructive, lengths to cut the duration of both major and minor league games. One thing it hasn’t been able to rule-change into submission is rain stoppages. And now it looks like baseball may also have trouble with drone delays.

Hovering drone forced minor league baseball game delay

On Saturday night, the appearance of a drone provoked an extended delay in the game of Major League Baseball (MLB) Saint Louis Cardinals’ single-A affiliate, the Peoria Chiefs. The interruption occurred in the eighth inning as the hometown Chiefs sought to protect its 7-3 lead over the visiting Cedar Rapids Kernels. Things were going fine, a new relief pitcher in to get the last six outs needed for the win, when suddenly the first base umpire pointed above the infield and called time.

“And, yeah, there’s a drone flying overhead. I assume this game will be in a delay,” the TV announcer reacted during the…