Spain’s drones police driving offenses on packed roads- DroneDJ

Indicative of its status as one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations, Spain is currently dealing with a surge from the 91.2 million cars expected across the nation’s roads this summer. As part of their effort to ensure that travel glut circulates well (or as smoothly as inevitable traffic snarls allow), Spanish police are flying drones to keep watch for breakdowns, accidents, and ­– not least of all ­– driving offenses.

Mucho tech deployed to keep Spanish roadways safe

The nation’s Direccion General de Trafico (DGT) announced it has increased last year’s fleet of 11 drones to 39 in an effort to give Spanish police additional eyes in the skies watching for driving offenses. Each craft has a maximal flight capacity of 40 minutes, and can rapidly be deployed between targeted areas at top speeds of 80 kmh. The uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) are outfitted with powerful cameras and various sensors that allow them to identify and document…