Partnership offers first combined sea-air drone platform

California companies Marine Advanced Robotics and Planck Aerosystems have announced their strategic alliance to produce a platform composed of a marine uncrewed surface vessel (USV) with an onboard aerial drone. The combined asset is designed to allow users to conduct advanced operations in the sea and sky in the same, integrated mission.

Partners call their new platform the first marine-aerial drone combo ever

The companies say the dual spatial unit is the first ever to equip a marine drone with an uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV). The innovation, they add, will allow users to considerably expanded operational capacity in activities like offshore infrastructure inspection, patrolling protected marine preserves, and an array of marine and airborne security and defense capacities.

Richmond-based Marine Advanced Robotics says its uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) can travel long distances without any outside support, and remains sturdy, reliable, and fully…