New Russian rescue drone aces its first drowning test

Officials in a Russian seaside resort city say a drone was deployed over the weekend to rescue a drowning swimmer ­– the first use of their new automated system for emergency response.

Black Sea resort’s new emergency response system dispatches drone to save drowning swimmer

Authorities in the Black Sea vacation destination of Anapa said the drone was flown Saturday to rescue a man who swam out too far to sea and, having become exhausted, started drowning. Anapa began testing its automated emergency response system in May, with the weekend’s drone flight the first of its kind within that project. The craft is part of a wider tech-based effort to monitor people around the crowded beach area and react to signs of trouble. The drone was dispatched to the swimmer and dropped a life preserver, allowing him to remain afloat until emergency responders could arrive.

“For the first time ever, a drone rescued a human from drowning,” Anapa’s municipal…