Newer pilot captures hawk with DJI FPV drone

We were over on Reddit when we came across a pretty intriguing post. A newer DJI FPV pilot captures a hawk simply by being in the right place at the right time. (No, we don’t mean he actually captured the hawk, just that he got some great footage.)

You never know what a drone flight will bring. In this case, a pilot from the Toronto area encountered a hawk while flying a DJI FPV drone. The pilot is pretty new to this field, and we can only imagine what the experience was like, based on the video posted.

Let’s take a look.

Birds of a feather…

Yes, they may well flock together, but most drone flights don’t lead to an encounter with a raptor (though we’ve seen some that do). This little bit of beauty comes to us from Redditor u/firstofmyname02. We were able to reach him, and his real name is Dan S.

Dan was flying in a popular area of uncontrolled airspace in eastern Toronto known as the Scarborough Bluffs. It features earth cliffs overlooking Lake…