Aussie drone video captures sharks swimming among people

A witty Australian ocean enthusiast has created a thriving online niche for himself: shooting and narrating drone videos of (very) close encounters between inoffensive sharks, and swimmers and surfers oblivious to the predators’ presence.

Aussie drone video captures many, many brushes between sharks and unsuspecting people

Each day, just before sunrise, Aussie pilot Jason Iggleden strikes out around Sydney’s Bondi Beach to shoot drone video of the far more frequent meetings of shark and human than anyone imagines. But if the popularity of his Dronesharkapp Instagram account is any measure, more people than one might expect also want to know about those encounters – especially if they’ve been party to one. 

The astonishing drone footage Iggleden posts of people excruciatingly close to creatures that – had they been spotted – would have inspired immediate terror has won enough plaudits for the BBC to do a recent video segment on the pilot and his…